Thursday, December 12, 2002

Elizabeth Revisited

Revisiting Me

I have three jobs again. Target, a movie theater, and babysitting in order to get rides to and from both those places, and

I'm back to myself again. The old me.

Working like hell, keeping my eye on my goals and

to hell with everything else.

It feels good to slip back into this rythm

the heavy bass of blue collar work

side by side with a dozen others just like me

twenty-somethings who work like dogs, swear like pirates, and party like deamons when given the chance.

My throat is allready sore

with an infection I picked up at the store

but I'll work through it anyway, and spend my day off sleeping.

My body is a service industry machine

pain means nothing to me

all that matters is the tommorrow I promised myself

and this time I mean it

when I say that things are gonna change

if I just stick to my plans.

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