Monday, February 24, 2003

Right, I'm an Archivist

Oh, Right, I'm an Archivist

Hey, there are new links on the side: Feets is back, Baub the Boston Guybrarian is up, and my favorite guilty pleasure, Unsent Letters, is listed. Check out B is for Barbarity over at Forthrights if you have time. It's all fun.

Given my profession, you'd think the archives to this page would be prettier. Instead, it's been a bloody mess since I first started, because the blogger format won't let me fiddle with the HTML template on the archive page. I shouldn't complain, because blogspot and blogger pro are darn outstanding on all other matters....but the untidyness of my online archive (which you can see by clicking under my nose up there on my title banner) has been bugging me for awhile now.

Instead of actually bothering to set up a new page entirely tho, I've decided just to update my old blog every time I update here, sort of making a blog of my archived blogs, if you can fathom it. Or maybe you can't. Er, hang on a bit and I'll have it sorted out by tommorrow night. You can read my last entry here for now, and soon all will be well again, I promise.

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