Monday, July 21, 2003

busy busy busy

A weekend dissected

I could be busier. My head could also explode from the shear effort of multi-tasking, but I could be a little busier, I’m sure.

For example, this weekend I:

* finished painting my new bed copper. My new bed frame cost less than $100!

* Spent Saturday mostly cursing at cheap-ass bed frame that wouldn’t go together properly. There were no directions. Around 4pm, on verge of tears, Dinan & Ron help me get it together. Actually, Dinan came in and helped several times, because she’s so much more HGTV than I am. She actually got beaned in the head by a canopy rod toward the end, right before we almost gave up and I decided I’m going to JV weld the m-----f------ bed together in some parts.

* While trying to put together frustrating bed frame, field phone calls from friends and relatives. Am greatly relieved to hear from a number of these people. Wish a few of them were here to help me paint though.

* After getting the bed together, give up on cleaning efforts for the day. Try to do laundry, fail; worked on art project for an hour or so to try and wind down. I still need to paint my room, my stated goal for the weekend.

* Made dinner with great joy.

* Watch Teen Titans premier on Cartoon Network. Wonder what ever happened to actual storytelling in cartoons.

* Carly comes over to visit, spend rest of evening coloring and talking with Ron, Dinan, and Carly. Resolve to paint half my room the next day.

* Sunday: wake up and realize I need risers for my bed so I can store things under it. Also, I have no newspaper to catch drips from paint.

* Get sidetracked watching Sunday Morning TV with Ron, then get sidetracked laughing and “awwwing” over Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with Dinan.

* Help Dinan clean kitchen.

* Decide to make “quick trip” out for newspaper. End up at Home Depot, getting posts cut for bed risers. Go to two more stores trying to get Sunday paper. End up back at house in late afternoon.

* Read paper, eat lunch.

* Start painting, which means moving all kinds of crap around, and finding the ladder , and guilting over squishing spiders so much that after an hour I start making Dinan catch the spiders in her ball cap, whereupon we throw them in the hallway in the hopes that they’ll still live in the house.

* By the way, Dinan and Ron were working their asses off in the backyard, making it super special and shiny. They planted a bunch off stuff and cleaned up the border around the flagstones.

* I get one coat of primer on the shortest wall of my room and start on another wall when my Grandmother calls.

* She’s down the street. I talk her through getting to the house. When she sees me, she tells me to clean up, and we suddenly leave to eat dinner at another relative’s house about an hour away.

* Oh, and Grandma’s staying the night.

* Did I mention I had trashed my room so I could paint, hadn’t done laundry yet, and oh, yeah, the study has my stuff all piled in it too, so it wouldn’t get dripped on?

* I still had a decent time. See toddlers and play with them, get to brag on my cool new job and how I get to go to LA next month. Hang with Grandma, which is cool.

* Manage to get Grandma and self into bed by 11:30.

* Make painting room the goal for the week. Oh, and I also have to get some more of my project done, and check on my sisters, and work 40 hours, and go to the dentist, and talk to this guy about hanging out, and try to make my cats get along better, and make sure Dinan and Ron know I appreciate them, and and and and and.

*whew*. And Kati and Michael are coming to visit this weekend, yay!

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