Friday, April 30, 2004

Getting Over It

Getting Over It

Erin is very proud of herself for not having resorted to any lists lately. Since I normally do long narratives, I don't feel guilty about resorting to a bulleted list right now. I'm sick, folks, I got the upper respiratory infection of the overworked. I like to call it the Christi Underdown Overcommitted Crud. Not to worry; I have sulfa drugs I got from a doctor's appointment today. Thank goodness I scheduled that Doc appointment two months ago, otherwise I couldn't have found the time to attend to myself.

Why? I'm having too much fun again. Consider:

1) I got sick three weeks ago.

2) But then I had to eat shrimp and hang with many peeps that I love.

3) Then I had a nearly three day road trip with the supervisor, working.

4) Then Ford was here to visit, whom I love.

5) We saw 2 museums and 3 restaurants while she was here. Our goal was 3 museums and 5 restaurants. But then we were relaxing, you know?

6) We also walked through a bit of the Inman Park Festival.

7) Suddenly Sunday morning, when we were only into hour 2 of brunch (merely halfway, amateur eaters!) The Republican, Tony, and a friend of their knocked on the door.

8) So of course then we had a little party.

9) We discussed how dairy makes snot a lot, right after we consumed good amount of Italian food.

10) Then it was time for me to work like a madwoman again. I flew to KY.

11) Where I held and purused a direct facsimile of the Book of Kells.

12) Where I also saw an albino squirrel

13) And taught a class, even though I was quite ill.

14) Then, after paying $25 to hop a direct flight that would get me home earlier, I found myself locked out of my house

15) For an hour and a half. Luckily the neighbors let me in to pee.

16) Had to be up early the next morning for an important meeting

17) Which was canceled.

18) Ran around like half dead chicken putting out fires, realizing a huge project is due Tuesday.

19) Haven't had time to work on this project in weeks.

20) Went home around 1 and slept, and slept and slept

21) Up this morning, went to Doctor

22) Going camping despite illness. When I say "camping", what I mean is : spending weekend in tent reading comics curled next to The Republican. May possibly contain some nudity in sunlight.

23) My neighborhood smells like clover flowers. I have a good life.

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