Thursday, July 29, 2004

Mayo in my bra, spasms in my back, exhaustion in my heart

I got mayonnaise in my favorite bra Sunday night. I was rushing through the Atlanta airport after being suitably harassed by security for daring to have the nerve to buy tickets from two different airlines for a trip (thus making it look like I had two one way tickets, when really what I was doing was saving fifty bucks) when I realized I hadn't eaten that day. So I stopped at Popeye's and ordered a meal that came with cole slaw. But I didn't have time to eat the slaw before boarding the plane, so I put the sealed container in my luggage. Upon opening this bag a few hours later in Orlando, I found my favorite bra filled with mayo. I had to throw the slaw away, because at that point it had separated into its components of cabbage and mayo, and was no longer appetizing.

Washing mayo out of a bra, by the way, is very difficult.

I worked in Orlando Monday though Wednesday evening. I got home late last night and fell into bed after another frustrating call to The Republican, where we sighed at each other and cursed the rough economy for keeping us apart. The Republican had spent that evening playing monopoly with my sisters and talking to my mom and grandmother. He's awesome like that. He's becoming a part of my family. This is a very brave thing to do.

I woke up this morning and called into work late, which is how I have time to write this blog entry. I was thinking about all the work I have to do by 6 tomorrow, and my back did something it likes to do about once a year. The muscles seized up on me and tried to jump off my back. I think my back muscles try to abandon me when the going gets rough because they feel neglected. Anyway, there I was, gasping in the shower, muscles spasming from stress and overwork, when I realized I was stressed out because I hadn't had time to write for myself very much lately. My body was telling me to blog. So here I am, getting ever later for work.

Tomorrow I will have dinner with Audrey, and Saturday morning I will fly to Boston for what promises to be a very interesting week. I will miss my cats terribly, but Audrey will take care of them for me, and if not her, then somebody, by golly. I wish cats traveled better, but they don't.

I will probably post on the old blog next week. I will hang out with Aral and Baub and Maria any many of my excellent northern peeps. I will be very, very busy for the rest of the forseeable future. Until mid December at least. Wish me luck on keeping my back muscles in place!

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