Sunday, November 30, 2003

Pushing the Territorial Boundaries

I hid out and was anti-social this year again for Thanksgiving. I've grown too used to doing as I please on turkey day, and the habit is stuck fast.

I still had a lovely holiday though; The Republican was here, as well as Christi and her friend C. We sat around watching Christi make collages, and eating good food. The Republican and I spent a good deal of time going through my comics collection. Virgil and Serena were supposed to visit, but never showed. And that's just fine as long as he remembers to call me one day.

The crazy roomie left town with dishes in the sink again and a trashed dining room even though he knew I was having a party. So I photoshopped him into Bush's visit to England and hung pictures of him all around the house inserted into embarrassing situations. Because I am still smarter and funnier than he could ever hope to be. And making it look like he gives blowjobs to the royal guard made me feel tons better.

I also saw my mom and sisters this weekend, briefly. Really, that fulfilled my family quota for November. I'll go home for the holidays this year, but I'll sleep over at Andrew & Tony's or Christi's. I've been invited to two New Year's parties already, which nixes my idea of having a blow-out here.

There are limits being tested and pushed in all areas of my life. This is stressful. I'm pretty confused about the whole thing, and what decisions I should make. If you have any ideas about what I should do, let me know.

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