Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Freak Out!

Yesterday I gave a lecture at UNC-Chapel Hill. I was invited to do so. It went well. I am freaked out by my own success. Deeply satisfied and freaked out.

I had this nagging feeling that a friend of mine was in trouble all day yesterday. She was. Double freak out.

Walked into my house around 11 last night to find that roomies had packed everything up to move. I suppose me photoshopping bad roomie into Bush's visit with the Queen was the last straw. I am freaked out by the lack of discussion about it, but happy, I suppose. There's no 'winner' in fights like these. Triple freak-out.

I need a new room mate for January. Quadruple freak-out.

I slept in this morning, like I usually do when I work until near midnight. I woke up to check my work e-mail and found I had missed a super important meeting. Freak out beyond understanding.

Continuing discussions with The Republican about...stuff...that Freaks. Me. Out.


Call or write me and tell me to calm down. Super-duper-to-the-max-freaked-out, I am. Anyone who can make me laugh gets a private plane when I win the lottery.

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