Friday, December 05, 2003

The Cat Came Back

Some of you may remember Bunny the Cat from this post a while back. Bunny came to stay with me last September in order to recuperate from her battle with a poisonous snake; unfortunately, one day three weeks into her stay she ran out an open door and disappeared.

Bunny was wearing a collar. I called all the local vet offices, looking for her; anyone who found a cat like that would surely to god take her to the vet. I went on long walks looking for her. I called shelters. And after a few weeks, I assumed her lost to the wilds, victim of dog or car.

Not so; someone called me Tuesday night. Bunny had been eating out of their cat's back porch food bowl for a couple of weeks, just since it got cold. They had her waiting in a carrier and I was able to walk to their house to pick her up. When I called my aunt and uncle to tell them of Bunny's miraculous return from the dead, my aunt started crying and my uncle drove all the way from Powder Springs to pick her up. He told me he never wanted Bunny gone in the first place; my aunt, it turns out, hadn't wanted to give her away either. It took Bunny faking her own demise to get appreciated. While I assured them Bunny was welcome to stay with me for as long as she'd like, the cat is back in Cobb County now, at least three lives down...

that we know of!


9 days since my roommates did their dishes
25 days until they're gone


The Republican ate my graphic novel selection for Thanksgiving. He liked The Doctor from The Authority, got a few giggles from My Filing Technique is Unstoppable, glided through Hellboy with an intent look on his face, and took the first Alias book home with him and promised he'd give it a try. When we spoke this week, he admitted how much he dug it.

"It's not like anything else I've ever read before. But I like it."

I silently giggled to myself, having hooked the boy on graphic novel crack. He's not reading single issues yet, complaining that they're inefficient and not as easy to deal with. I agree. I also think I'll have him reading single issues in 90 days. Because I am just a little bit evil.


Having to open all those Mylar envelopes and take out the single issue makes the reading pleasure last longer. That's what I keep telling myself....

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