Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's Spring

Spring is here!


Good lord, winter is long and depressing. But luckily I live in a region where Spring starts roughly around March 1st. The crocuses are up, there are pink roses in bloom, and little wildflowers in my new backyard. It's too warm to walk around in a jacket, even if the March wind makes you want one. Thank goodness, the cold is over. My eyes are a little sticky and I've got my annual Spring head crud, but who cares! IT'S SPRING!! Everyone I know should be glad I at least have the inhibition of clothes about me. Because some times the compulsion to walk around naked really does make itself present, and I have to hold myself back.

Atlanta is hashing out the gay marriage issue in their statehouse lately. After defeating a "defense of marriage" bill Friday, the Christian coalition had a rally downtown yesterday to protest...something. I'm not really sure what they were protesting, but that's OK, because they weren't sure either. They were plenty angry, that's for sure. I stayed away because I heard Ralph Reed might be there, and if there's anything I'm nearly phobic about, it's Ralph Reed. Seriously, the hairs on my arm stand up just typing his name. I honestly believe he's representative of everything evil in the world. The man is creepy. He's like the Witch-King of the conservative movement. It pains me that he lives here in the state that I love, casting his shadow over the city of my heart.

This is going to be a hard year for me, politically. While I respect John Kerry, I have no love for him. I wish I thought John Edwards could win, because I like him so much. My dream ticket is Edwards/Mosley-Braun. Which has a snowball's chance in hell right now.

I'm on a creative tear right now, because of the weather or hormones or stimulation of creative friends. I'm on a writing jag, one so productive that I stayed late at work yesterday without meaning too.

Life is good. Let's party.

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