Monday, February 28, 2005

Why does Georgia hate Atlanta?

At the beginning of the year the state legislature stopped Atlanta from passing a living wage. Now they won't allow Atlanta to enforce their non-discrimination laws against those who don't like gays. Finally, riding MARTA the other day - a train system much, much in need of maintenance, I realized that the rest of the state hates Atlanta. Damn if I know why. It must be envy.

Maybe the husband will be able to solve the Georgia hates Atlanta mystery soon. He has been hired by a state agency that works on regional planning issues. He is much relieved to have this job, because for the past month or so he has been bartending at the Fox theater. Bartending at the Fox is a nifty job if you can get it, but it's back-breaking work for inconsistant pay - just like any job bartending, waitressing, or anything that relies on tips. When you go to the Fox, please tip the concession people. All the tips are split among the employees at the end of the night, and they all work their asses off.

The husband was able to land this job with the state because it's the same sort of job he's held before. Now we'll both have solid middle class incomes to go with the new house. I will have to get a tattoo to balance out the white breadedness of it, some secret rebel symbol to prove I'm still, um, cool. Mostly. There's nothing wrong with being comfortable, right?

We're going to New Orleans next weekend to celebrate the husband's 30th birthday. I plan on eating and taking ghost story tours, the kind that let you bar-hop. Write me if there's anything in N. O. that you need.

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