Thursday, March 10, 2005

The world is a vampire drag queen wedding

I was in New Orleans getting ready to take the husband out for his first taste of alligator when I got the Big Family Drama call. One of those calls from a loved one that make you feel powerless, like you should run home and fix everything that you can, only you can't. I recieved this call on Friday night, the second night of our four day trip to the big dirty. I wouldn't be able to respond until Tuesday night. So for the past week now I've been running, running, running, inhaling the exhuast from the engine that runs the world.

Not that it's a bad world. I don't mind inhaling a little exhaust when it means I get to see the sights. In New Orleans we were obligated to stay in two hotels on out trip. The fiirst hotel was the Prince Conti down in the French Quarter. The Prince Conti was a lovely crumbling New Orleans sort of place near all the restaurants and cheesy tours we wanted to take. We saw the city of the dead and went on a good ghost story tour and ate fabulous food. The second hotel we visited was the Hilton out by the N. O. airport, and it was there that I missed the Vampire Drag Queen Wedding.

Last weekend was the southeastern regional event for people who like to play the vampire role playing game. Because this was in New Orleans, loads of our friends were there. Not all my friends play vampire characters of their biological gender. Hence the big drag queen wedding between two major players for plot and strategy purposes.

The wedding only lasted 10 minutes, and I missed it. I was having a lie-down upstairs in the room after being sunburnt on the cemetary tour, and I was fighting terminal PMS and the blues from the big family drma. I had asked the husband to call me when the wedding started so I could go down and watch, but by the time I made it downstairs, I was just in time to see the wedding party posing for pictures.

The rest of the trip was a mix of fun and hard work, as I was in New Orleans for business. We flew back into Atlanta late on Monday night in great turbulence and with delays. I went to work late the next morning and left early to drive to Nashville, where we didn't fall into bed until after 4am.

Safe and sound, I feel asleep before ten last night. It's seven am now and I should get to work. There is so much to do, and so little time. Friday night we have to return to Nashville again. I'm exhausted, and I don't really want to go. I want to lie in bed next to my husband, and dream of moving into the condo we're in the process of buying. That sort of activiity - lieing peacefully in bed and day dreaming - can't realisticly occur this month.

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