Sunday, March 20, 2005

Abby's Spring Break and My First Home

It's my youngest sister's spring break this week, and she is 12. Today I took her horseback riding way out in the country side. Then we went out to lunch in the city. I took her to Cafe Intermezzo, where the desert case is very large and sure to make a twelve-year-old happy. Of course, now I have stomach cramps, because I always eat too much dairy at Cafe Intermezzo and I should only eat dairy in moderation. I can't help it. Their food is so very fine. The fact that I love their coffee doesn't help matters much either.

I wish I could spend more time with my sister this week. I wish I could start packing for the big move I'm going to make soon. I can't do those things because I'll be back in Roanoke, Virginia for work again this week. Even if I was in town, it would be difficult to spend much time with Abby working a regular job just because it's sort of difficult to do family things at all lately. I want to hang out with Audrey and Laura more; there's just not enough time.

The big move I'm about to make is into my very first owned home. The husband and I bought a condo over on Dekalb Avenue near the Inman Park station. I feel comfortable revealing that much of the location because Dekalb avenue is lined with condos over there. As well it should be; we get to stay in the neighborhood I love (just barely) and I will still be able to walk to Little 5 and the new Target that has just opened up on Moreland Avenue. I can continue to live without a car, and that is well worth the price we paid to live in town. We will pay as much for our small condo as my aunt and uncle paid for a spacious home with an acre or so out in Powder Springs. I will pay more a month in property tax than many people pay for car insurance. It's worth the money not to have to fight traffic, but just barely.

Wish me luck this week in Virginia. I really don't want to be away from home and family for most of this week. I will need cheering up via e-mail and through phone calls. I still miss you. When I move, I'll have the best place for you to visit comfortably, and we can drink hot tea and eat cookies.

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