Saturday, May 07, 2005

I can probably keep swimming

Tonight the husband is out gaming, and I am home organizing my comic book collection into big old wooden filing cabinets we found at a used furniture store over in Poncey Highlands. I am filing my comics in hanging folders, alpha by title - except for all the Tim Hunter books, because, dear god, alpha by title would just be a disaster there - they are filed like this:

Hunter, Tim - Life during Wartime
Hunter, Tim - Age of Magic
Hunter, Tim - Names of Magic
Hunter, Tim - Books of Magic

The filing and sorting is soothing, and calms my archival nerves, the ones that get rumpled every day by disorganization. Have you any idea what it is like to grow up in a house where your parents can't remember where they put anything? We are all products of our environments. I miss my sisters so much this weekend - Sara in particular lately, because she is good moving help and good company when you are cleaning something. I miss Abby because I see things she would like to do or try all the time. There is a new shop down in Little 5 she would love. Sara will have her GED and driver's liscense soon, and Abby should be on Summer break now. I want them to visit.

The husband and I have been in the new house now for six weeks, and while we achieved a decent level of near tidy-ness last week I still don't consider the house to have been clean yet once. Maybe tomorrow this will happen, when I hang pictures. But then, I have to work at home on a Sunday again tomorrow in order to catch up from all the out-of-office work I did *again* this week. Oh, and I need to look for a new job, and I need to call my mom, and I need to find some curtains, or blinds or something, because we don't have any. And I need, I need, I need...more time. There is too much to do still. Oh, I'm calmer about it lately, but the tide of life is still high, the current is still pulling at my ankles. I have to get a new job, one that requires little to no travel.

I'm trying to get pregnant. Wish me luck.

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