Monday, April 03, 2006



Dot arrived last Thursday night at Emory Crawford-Long. After such a difficult pregnancy, everyone was surprised at the easy birth; she came out so fast the midwife had to catch her with just one glove on. I had been in labor for a day, but I only had to push for a few minutes.

Dot has a head of brown hair and big blue eyes. She's very alert, and very pink. The husband and I are very relieved. My sister Sara cut the cord, and we brought the baby home Saturday afternoon.

Breastfeeding is kind of complicated. We're working it out, Dot and I - learning together. You would think that if you have breasts and a baby these these would come together without effort, but that hasn't been the case yet. We get a little better at it every day.

I'm kind of tired, and busy cuddling with the new daughter and my husband. I'll write more next week.

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