Saturday, April 15, 2006

Visiting and linking back

It's half past April already - I have hardly noticed the days passing since Dot arrived. We're still working out the circadian rythms, nights from days. Despite the lack of sleep, I have never been happier in my life than when I lay in our bed with my husband and baby. Easter has come and gone again; all we did this year was take my sister Sara out to eat at Mary Mac's on Ponce. The baby went too, and laid in her car seat carrier all asleep while we ate. Life is good and quiet right now - maybe too quiet - I am thinking about starting up creative projects again for the first time in four years.

I really don't have much to say this week; and so, being an archivist, I will take stock of my internet files, and see where I am since I started blogging in the fall of 2000, vs. how I think and feel and act today. Let us link back -

Five years ago today I had just finished my professional internship, and was focused on my grad program. Kinda boring.

Five years ago June, I announced I had big new plans for my life. I didn't say what they were at the time, but this was when I decided I really wanted to have kids before I turned 30. I will be 30 this October.

Four years ago today I was preparing to march in DC to protest the war. I had a lot of other stuff going on too. I'm still glad I went and marched in that protest, but it was the last big protest I attended. Watching the DC police manage the crowds made me more aware that the old protest style just doesn't work anymore. Call me cynical, but after the protests in 2002, I focused on making more money so I could donate to social causes. I tried working for a non-profit for a while to make a differance, and I did - but at a high cost to my personal life. I think I've paid my volunteer dues in full for a while, and now I push for change with my cash. The husband has recently talked about getting politically active again, and I might do that - the election cycle is coming around here in GA very soon. But I'll be focusing on local political change. I am now convinced that small local political change affects national politics more than most people realize.

Three years ago today I was getting used to being part of my family again. And thinking about babies. So really, not much change there, except that I am now far more comfortable around my family. Last week my grandmother came and stayed with us for several days to help out and play with the baby, and on Thursday Audrey and Laura and little Laura Kate came over to visit with Grandma and Dot and gave us a bunch of good baby clothes and blankets to use. I enjoy being around my family now and have managed to become relaxed around them. These things just take time.

Two years ago I didn't post about Easter; I was all wrapped up in my future husband. Also, I was starting to get burned out on the non-profit job, but struggling to stay positive about it. Things were coming together, and I was glad; I had no clue that in a few months I'd be engaged, and then married.

Last year we had just moved into the converted warehouse, and started trying for a baby. I was completely and totally exhausted from my work but proud and accomplished about the house and the rest of my life.

Today? Today I will put my new daughter into a baby sling and take her on her first walk through the neighborhood. I will walk down to the co-op grocery store to see my sister and to show off Dot's cuteness to our gocery store people and the pharmacist. Today I am enjoying my maternity leave and still loving living here, in Little 5, in Atlanta. I still have a good life. I hope you do, too.

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