Monday, January 17, 2005

Accomplished and Mildly Amused

It's MLK day here in Atlanta, and I caught sight of one of the parades downtown this afternoon as I walked from a dentist appointment into Peachtree Center Station. I really appreciated the long tunnels underneath Peachtree Center today; winter is here at last, cold as anything, and the tunnels meant I could walk down into slightly warmer air for a whole block before reaching the heated train platform. The glimpse of a passing marching band cheered on by war protesters and happy city folk was enough of a celebration for me.

I find myself sad that I didn't see the traditional MLK television broadcast from the Doctor's church this morning, but as I can read what was said tommorrow in the paper, I don't think I missed that much. I enjoy watching the annual toungue-lashing the MLK day allows the church to give Republicans. Seeing poor Senator Frist take things so hard right up front last year was rewarding. Petty, but rewarding.

I feel very accomplished this week. I went to a local amateur comedian's night yesterday to see a friend perform, and this weekend I've also assembled flat furniture, cleaned my house (with much help from The Husband), visited the Fernbank museum with cousins, and made mix CD's. I plan on updating some of my web pages later. Things are good.

The Husband, now on month four of his job search, frets about money, but I don't. I'm so much better off than I was this time last year, I'm not worried at all. We'll soon buy a house, and that will cut out most substantial monthly bill down quite a bit. Wish me luck - I want to stay in Inman Park or hereabouts, and I can only cross my fingers and pray it's financially possible.

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