Monday, January 24, 2005

Strep Throat

It seems only just that the week after I felt so accomplished in work and at home that I would turn out to be incubating a perfectly nasty case of strep throat. Luckily there's a new urgent care facility over on Ponce de Leon not far from my house. So the husband and I lost all our pocket money for the rest of the month on being ill. There was a certain joy to laying in bed for a few days reading, if you discount all the disgusting snot, and the fact that neither of us was inclined to do anything that might make breathing more difficult that the congestion made it already.

I'm still tired.

Anyhow, we did manage to make it to Chattanooga this weekend to see some friends. I spent most of the weekend in bed watching TV at the hotel because I was ill, but Chattacon was OK. I don't know that we'll go next year, but overall, it was a decent enough party.

My job is busy enough that while sick, I had dreams of being at work, and vague notions of sending the husband to fetch my laptop. Luckily, my cold medication made me pass out every time I resolved to be productive. Speaking of which, I have to attempt to go back to work today. Wish me luck!

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