Wednesday, January 15, 2003


A few words on Practicality

I pride myself on my own practicality. I know that taking pride can be considered a fault, but I can't help it. I grew up around a lot of irrational people, and as a result I have often taken some pride in how stable and sane I manage to be 80% of the time. I'm very big on Keeping My Shit Together. For 5 years now my secret battle cry, the one I wouldn't share with many people was simply "MAINTAIN!"

side note: My friend Ford's battle cry was alternately: "I don't want to die!!" or "Not in the face, not in the face!" but of course, she stole the second one from Arthur on 'The Tick'.

I dislike change as a rule, although in the past year I have grown to accept it as the only constant in my life. I have changed so much in the past six weeks alone that I can't even begin to express all the differences.

But that's not what this update is about.

This update is about how much I hate journal entires like this one. For me, the point of my online blog is to record events and processes in my life. I should be writing about what it's like to work at Target, or about how half the people I work with at the movie theater with have at least a Bachelor's degree. These flat and rather mundane details of life are what really matter in the long run, and what are ultimately interesting to read - not only for people who have never worked at Target or a movie theater, but more interesting even to myself as time goes on and these everyday processes and details fade away to new ways of doing things.

It's the flat facts that matter most. Not little pieces of drivel like the last thing I wrote, which while interesting to a select group of people, will fade in importance as time goes on. Remember when E accepted the idea that marriage was a good thing, and wrote cryptic poetry about it? Yeah, that was funny. Next subject, please. No one will be interested in my personal dilemmas 40 years from now. But my Nashville stories are likely to be read for some time, because they are a reflection of more than just my own bellybutton lint.

So I'm writing this entry to let people know that I'm not going to write stuff like that anymore on this page This is my last personalized entry for some time. Just the facts, ma'am from now on. I have other places where I can express myself artistically; and those forms of art are bound to be more productive.

If anyone who reads this wants me to change my mind, drop me a line either on the guestbook or by e-mail. Somehow I doubt anyone will argue with me.

I love reading other people's blogs where they talk about how they feel - for instance, Alestar's writing is so knock down drag out good that I'll read anything she writes. Devon right now has a post up where she says that she wants her words to be like mescaline. And if I couldn't find out how Alestar
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