Thursday, January 23, 2003

Snowed In

Snowed In

When I woke up this morning, it had snowed for the first time in Atlanta this year. About an inch of the stuff was around, with grass peaking through. But the important part was that the snow had stuck to the street, so everyone stayed home.

My cousins were still in their bed when I woke up. "Cobb County schools are closed!" said my cousin Audrey gleefully. Colin was running around the room in a 3-year-old's state of joy at the unexpected day home with both parents.

"You're naked." I said.

"Yes, I am." he said matter-of-factly.

Audrey and Jamie smiled and put him in the bed between them.

Did I mention before I happy I am to be in the South for this winter? Have I explained how nice it is to be back where people stay sensibly indoors when the weather is the slightest bit unpleasant? Today may be the coldest day Atlanta has had in ten years, but it's still not as cold as Boston on a warm day in February. Today I will lounge around the house in my PJ's, and maybe take a walk around the neighborhood with Colin so he can see what might be our only snow of the year. Jamie is making Venison stew. I have sweet potatoes in the fridge, along with some pear tarts I made with vanilla creme and hot fudge sauce.

Oh, and while I was writing this, I got a job as an Archivist

18 months after I started sending out resumes, a year after I got my degree, a move cross country and months despair and rethinking and sort of feeling like it would never happen...I got a job, doing what I went to school for.

Amazing, man.

What a nice week this was.

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